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The exceptional suite of Sauer Brands products always delights.

Sauer Brands, Inc., was founded as The C.F. Sauer Company in 1887 in Richmond, VA. Today, the company has a broad portfolio of packaged food products including condiments, spices, sauces and salad dressing — all made with inspired ingredients and flavors that excite consumers. Our company’s award-winning brands include Duke’s Mayonnaise, Kernel Season’s, The Spice Hunter, Tasty Shakes, Sauer’s, Gold Medal, and BAMA. In addition, Sauer Brands also produces high quality private label products for leading retailers and food service customers.

Condiments THAT WOW

Timeless and trusted condiments, dressings and sauces.

We offer a full array of mayonnaise, salad dressings, barbecue sauces, jams and jellies – all created with passion and a dedication to quality and value. Discover proprietary recipes, quality ingredients and inspired food products that deliver exactly what your customers want and exactly what you need.


Your Production Needs, MET.

Sauer brand products owns and operates multiple spice and condiment manufacturing plants across the U.S. and can handle any and all of your production and packaging needs. It’s all backed by exceptional customer service, dedicated associates, and the guarantee of consistent manufacturing methods. Small-, medium- or large-sized jars? Dipping cups? We’ve got you covered. Need products in bulk? We do that too.


The finest selection of spices, seasonings and flavorings

We go beyond the ordinary to produce spices customers desire — all ground, blended and bottled in-house. Our gourmet line, The Spice Hunter, fuses global flavors, tastes and influences to delight the senses. Kernel Season’s takes popcorn to new places. Tasty Shakes brings inspired flavors and ingredients to ordinary oatmeal. And Veggie Season’s will make anyone want to eat their veggies.


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