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Sauer Brands, Inc., was founded by Conrad Frederick Sauer as The C.F. Sauer Company in 1887 in Richmond, VA. Mr. Sauer, a 21-year-old pharmacist by training, saw an entrepreneurial opportunity to create prepackaged pure flavoring extracts, and make them available in groceries as well as drugstores. In fact, C.F. Sauer was the first company in the country to provide pure flavoring extracts in 5- and 10-gram configurations, to be sold for 15 and 25 cents, respectively.

Today, Sauer Brands produces a broad line of flavor-enhancing products for the retail and foodservice channels, including condiments, sauces, spices, toppings and more. The company’s brands, which include Duke’s Mayonnaise, Kernel Seasons, The Spice Hunter, Tasty Shakes, Sauer’s, Gold Medal, and BAMA, exist to surprise, delight and inspire legions of loyal customers.

OUR Journey


Sauer Brands Turns Up The Heat With Acquisition Of Mateo's Gourmet Salsa

Based in the Dallas suburb of Frisco, Texas, Mateo’s all-natural and gluten-free line of products was created in 2010 by Andrew Robbins, who decided to market the homemade salsa his father created when he couldn’t find one available in stores that met his discerning standards. What started being sold out of the back of Andrew’s Honda Pilot can now be found across the country in such stores as Costco, Walmart, Target, Publix and Kroger.

BBQ And Mustards

Duke’s launches four new mustard flavors and adds Carolina Vinegar to the line of Southern Sauces.


Mayo, Mayo And More Mayo

Our company introduces 8 new Duke’s products including a line of flavored mayos. Additionally, we proudly launch a line of dip cups & salad dressing packets for Duke’s in the Away from Home channel.


Kernel Season’s

CCF’s popcorn seasonings lead market in snack category company created Joins iconic family of brands including Duke’s Mayonnaise, The Spice Hunter RICHMOND, Virginia (May 5, 2020) – Sauer Brands Inc., a maker of iconic flavor-enhancing condiments, seasonings and spices…

Sponsorships, Acquisitions And Launches Oh My!

  • Company sponsors first-ever Duke’s Mayo Bowl in Charlotte, NC.
  • Acquisition of Chicago Custom Foods in April 2020 — the leading maker of popcorn flavoring and seasoning in the U.S. Duke’s Southern Sauces launches six new flavors.
  • We provide almost $50,000 in support to nonprofits in our communities helping to feed those most impacted during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Company sells the rights to the Bama brand in Africa but retains brand rights for the rest of the universe.

A Fresh New Look For The Sauer’s Brand

Sauer’s spiced things up with bold, easy-to-shop packaging, an updated logo that nods to history, and imagery that entices the senses as much as the products do.


New Ownership

After 132 years of private ownership, The C.F. Sauer Company is acquired by Falfurrias Capital Partners of Charlotte, North Carolina. The new owners are loyal fans of Sauer’s and Duke’s products.

A Smart Rebrand

Sauer’s launches a new logo and packaging design for their entire portfolio of spices, extracts, seasoning mixes, and condiments to improve shelf appeal and articulate heritage.


Giving Back

In the wake of hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, The C.F. Sauer Company donates over 40,000 pounds of product to FeedMore relief efforts.


Community Fun

Sauer’s sponsors the 1st annual Fire, Flour, & Fork, a four-day gathering of chefs, producers, and food lovers in downtown Richmond. Attendees can sign up for an exclusive tour of the Sauer’s plant, compete in recipe contests using Sauer’s products, and compete in a spice-themed spelling bee.


A Focus On Retail

Sauer’s introduces an award-winning retail merchandising system. Innovative, self-rotating modules showcase and dispense spice jars in new packaging and feature visually dynamic signage and consumer-friendly spice descriptions and usage ideas.

A Fresh Look

Sauer’s launches a new packaging design for its entire product portfolio. New spice jars feature a unique square shape and convenient flip-top shaker cap. The brand also introduces dozens of new products, including grilling marinades, slow cooker seasoning mixes, and reduced-sodium varieties.


The Big Leagues

The Greenville plant renovation increases production and storage abilities for high-volume products. The company builds a 210,000-square-foot mayonnaise plant in New Century, Kansas, providing nationwide distribution.


Spicing It Up

In August, The C.F. Sauer Company buys The Spice Hunter of San Luis Obispo, California, a marketer of exotic spices, spice blends and all-natural foods.



The C.F. Sauer Company buys BAMA brand food products from Welch Foods Inc., giving the company entry to the export market.


Foodservice Arrives

C.F. Sauer Foodservice is created to make commercial recipes and flavorings.


Pepper Anyone?

The C.F. Sauer Company adds Gold Medal black pepper to its growing product offerings.


Duke’s Mayo Joins The Family

In 1917, Eugenia Duke was stationed at Camp Sevier, a National Guard Training Camp. It was there that she began selling sandwiches slathered with her homemade mayonnaise. They were so unforgettably delicious soldiers wrote to her begging for her recipes. By 1923 she hit on the notion that the real secret was the tangy spread. And so, a legend was born. In 1929, Eugenia sold her mayo business to the C.F. Sauer Company and the rest is history! For over 100 years, Duke’s has celebrated its vibrant history cultivated a commitment to family recipes, tradition, and authenticity.


Growing And Growing

The C.F. Sauer Company becomes the nation’s largest producer of extracts and spices.


Supporting Our Country

Conrad Sauer, Sr. offers his company’s pharmaceutical capabilities for the war effort to President Woodrow Wilson, and Wilson accepts.


Richmond Or Bust

The C.F. Sauer Company moves to 2000 West Broad Street, in Richmond, and grows to 250 employees. More than 100 years later, this site remains the home of our spice operations.


Day One

Conrad Frederick Sauer, a 21-year-old pharmacist, starts his own company and begins selling pure-flavoring extracts from the company’s first headquarters in Richmond, VA.

OUR Family of Brands

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