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Our Team

Simply the Best

We have poets and quants, jocks, philosophers and engineers, artists and accountants, chefs and mechanics, tastemakers and more.

We are both on target and a little bit off-center. We are disciplined and we color outside the lines. We look for tried and true processes and new and creative solutions in our ongoing pursuit of excellence. We are led by a collaborative team of fresh thinkers, entrepreneurs and food industry experts who will go against the grain to achieve something truly special. We are Sauer Brands, Inc., and we believe that with the right set of diverse talent and experience, we can do whatever we set out to do.

Get to know us. We’re eager to get to know you.

Our Recipe For Success

Join a dynamic team like no other.

Seasoned pros. Fired-up renegades. Recent college grads. Military vets. Philosophers. True believers. We want all of you. We want your passion, your enthusiasm and your desire to be part of something meaningful and sustainable.

We continuously work to be a safer, stronger, and more inclusive organization forging a more prosperous future for our teammates and their families. Do you share our passion, goals and vision? Explore jobs at facilities and offices in Richmond, Greenville, New Century, and San Luis Obispo.

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