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Culture Matters

We Show Culture Matters!

Not only do we excite and delight our customers we also strive to excite and delight our teammates!

Company outings, food trucks, and happy hours are a time for our teammates to feel appreciated and gives them a chance to connect with one another.

Martin Kelly, Conductor of Creativity, Culture & Commerce (C4) conducts a town hall on a recent visit to our plant in San Luis Obispo, CA, creating discussion and engagement to drive teammate satisfaction.

Safety is a condition here in Greenville.  Celebrating with a Safety Shamrock Shag luncheon!

Inspiring their inner chef the Operations and HR team prepare a group meal at Publix’s Aprons cooking school.

What a fun filled day of dining and entertainment for the Richmond Plant team members who enjoyed a day trip to Maryland Live.

What goes with burgers, chips and Duke’s Mayo? The Richmond Plant kicked off the Memorial Day with a cookout with team members

The Great Turkey Giveaway


Let’s get into the character! During our holiday potluck a few team members presented us with the Heat Miser, Cindy Lou Who, the Grinch, and Buddy the Elf.

Going Green

In our everyday lives, pollution is a part of living. From the soap that goes down the drain, to the food packaging we throw out, and the gas that is emitted during transportation and production. We at Sauer Brand’s are cognizant of times when we are affecting the environment and are always thinking of ways to reduce the amount of pollutants we cause.   

The Sauer Brands Richmond facility recently installed a new Kaeser compressed air system which included an optimizing control system to replace older failing inefficient compressors operating without coordination controls.  The specific power (KWH consumed per 100 CFM of air produced) was reduced by approximately 67% which results in an estimated annual energy savings of approximately 360,000 KWH…. This equates to an approximate annual energy usage significantly reduces CO2 emissions (i.e. carbon footprint) from the electrical utility (approximately 306,000 Lb of CO2 per year). This project was spearheaded by David Coker, corporate maintenance manager. 

Our Principles

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We support organizations that feed the disadvantaged, provide food to underserved markets, help reduce food waste, and address structural and systemic imbalances in food distribution systems.

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We participate in team events that make a visible show of support for our causes. This includes serving meals in a food kitchen, packing care packages for the holidays, working with local food banks, and partnering with organizations such as Feeding America and Rise against Hunger.

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We leverage all of our resources and always act in accordance with our core values of Integrity, Creativity, Executional Excellence and Teamwork.

Our Family of Brands

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