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Featured Teammate

Helen Bodiford

The Southern Peddler

Hey, Y’all to all my teammates!  My name is Helen Bodiford.  I was raised in the Charleston, SC, the region where Duke’s has put down some very deep roots!

I am a Key Account Broker Manager to independent retailers, military shoppers, direct retail chains, as well as several wholesalers / distributors.    I collaborate, analyze data, and submit forecast to deliver sales results.  I create customer engagement / sales plans to grow Sauer products and meet or exceed customers.  I serve as a customer advocate internally to improve customer satisfaction for the retailer as well as the consumer / end user.

My formal education is in Industrial Technology and manufacturing plant design.  My career in the Food Industry began with a Fortune 500 consumer products company where my selling skills went from good to great.

Joining Sauer Brands SBI, aka C. F. Sauer Co over 14 years ago, it has been my pleasure to represent all the finest quality Sauer Family of products.  The last 3 years have been exciting due to company acquisitions (Kernel Seasons Popcorn Seasoning and Mateo Salsa) as well as introduction of new products (Southern Sauces, Southern Mustards, SH Crunch Toppers, etc.).  The future is bright as we offer thoughtful, smart, healthy, great tasting products across the Sauer Brand’s portfolio with Duke’s, Mateo, Kernel Seasons, Sauers, Spice Hunter condiment and spice brands.

The peer-to-peer learning has increased my skills while driving the company’s key “Recipe.  I have two key roles in life:  #1 MOM and #2 “The Southern Peddler” @ SBI.

In 2021, to my surprise, “The Southern Peddler” (self) was recognized for exciting and delighting the Sauer Brands retailer for results delivered in 2021.

Looking forward to going from brand(s) to an innovation leader in the condiment and spice categories.

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