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Dominic Melone

The Denominator

I joined Sauer Brands as the VP of Finance for Chicago Custom Foods in early 2020 leading the finance activities for the newly acquired company.  Chicago Custom Foods is best known for the Kernel Seasons brand of popcorn seasoning which makes the best popcorn seasonings hands down.

After a reorganization of Sauer Brands in late 2020, I took a role within the newly formed Spice Business Unit to head up the Finance Planning and Analysis for the team.

One of the projects that I took the lead on was the integration of Chicago Custom Foods into Sauer Brands which involved not only finance and accounting functions, but also the transition of all operations to our facilities in Richmond and San Luis Obispo.

This involved numerous challenges and opportunities which required all departments to work closely together.  I took away from the experience a much greater sense of perspective of what it takes for Sauer Brands to be successful and I employ that every day.  Additionally, for my work on the integration project I was recognized by receiving Sauer’s 2021 Relentless Award for Executional Excellence.

What I really enjoy about working at Sauer is that the entrepreneurial spirit is encouraged and supported.  If you come up with an idea to improve the business and can build the case for it then the first response is how can we help you, not we can’t do that.

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