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Integral Safety Model

Safety is intentional, behavioral and applies across our culture and systems.

At Sauer, we are guided by an integral safety model. We care about the safety of our employees, partners and customers and are committed to achieving ‘zero harm’ in all of our facilities. This means taking a safety pledge, adhering to a defined set of safety policies and procedures, deploying safety action teams, serving on safety committees and being accountable in all we do.

safety culture

Our Safety Pledge

We pledge to personally be involved to create an injury-free workplace. Our dedication to creating a safe workplace, free of all injuries, will be absolute and clear through our actions.

Safe Quality Food

Sauer Brands Inc. strives to provide all our customers with quality products. To ensure this, all Sauer Brands Inc. facilities conform to the highest standards of Safe Quality Food (SQF). This standard is aligned with Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standards.

Safety is Our Commitment

We wear general and job-specific PPE where appropriate, including safety shoes. There are Emergency Action Plans in place at all of our facilities. We relentlessly pursue hazard identification and elimination. And we continue to invest in and utilize the latest ergonomic lift technology solutions with the goal of eliminating human injuries from lifting heavy objects.

Safety matters. Safety first. Safety always.


Our Family of Brands

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