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Who We Are

Products That Excite and Delight.

Sauer Brands has been tantalizing taste buds since 1887.

For more than a century, Sauer Brands Inc. has been on a never-ending quest to excite and delight our customers and all who encounter our flavor enhancing products and brands. How? With inspired flavors, custom blends, quality food extracts and proprietary recipes. We continue to evolve and innovate with changing consumer needs and preferences, and we are always looking to discover new ways of doing things, and to chase better each day.

Passionate People Who Think Differently

A passion for solving problems.

We know that thinking differently about our business—responding to, anticipating, experimenting with and envisioning change—will create something new, different, and better, and will bring us closer and closer to the excellence we seek. As an organization, we have an insatiable desire to learn, to figure out a new, better way to do things. We are always asking why? Or why not? And we look for teammates that offer their own unique experiences and knowledge that others may not possess. We seek teammates with diverse backgrounds and perspectives so that the range of possible ideas that are generated will be wider and finding the right ideas that fix problems/makes the business better becomes much more likely.


Our Recipe

What are we making?

A safer, stronger, more sustainable Sauer Brands that forges a prosperous future for our families.

Why are we making it?

To excite and delight our customers with inspired flavors.

How do we make it? With ICE-T.

  • Integrity
  • Creativity
  • Executional Excellence
  • Teamwork

Where are we going? What’s our destination?

To become one of the most respected food companies on the planet, known for our passion, expertise and relentless pursuit of excellence.


Core Values

To do what we do best, we live and operate by four core values.


We treat others the way we would like to be treated, being mindful of other people’s thoughts and ideas, even if they are different. We create a respectful, safe, and open environment with honest and direct communication. We hold ourselves accountable to a high standard of moral, ethical and professional conduct internally and externally.


We are engaged in a never ending search for ways to improve, to innovate and evolve, to defy convention in the pursuit of excellence. We embrace change as a way of life, and a necessary ingredient for unleashing our creativity and helping us reach our full potential.


We have a relentless and organization-wide focus on executional excellence, driven by individuals at all levels of the organization who are passionate about doing the right things to achieve success as a team.


We hire great teammates that share our passion and goals. Through communication, collaboration and trust, we engage our teammates in a network of inspired and highly effective teams that solve problems and accomplish great things together.


Our Family of Brands

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