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If you love heading out to your favorite restaurant or store to pick up Duke’s Mayo, Kernel Seasons, The Spice Hunter or Mateo’s Salsa (Not Responsible for Obsession!), you can thank a sales person or a customer service representative.  That’s what I do every day.  I have the privilege of working with the dedicated folks who don’t rest until they get the products you love to the places you love to buy them.  O.k., I love all our great products, but yeah, I have a few favorites.  First of all, Duke’s Mayo – the winner and still champion!  Be sure to try our Bold and Creamy Bacon and Tomato flavored Mayo and scoop some Duke’s Hickory Moonshine BBQ Sauce next time you throw those ribs on the grill.  For snack time, give our Kernel Seasons Kettle Corn Seasoning a try for that Sweet and Salty flavor your family will crave.  Trust me on these, they don’t call me big Flavor for nothing!

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