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Our Customers

At Sauer Brands, our vision is to be one of the most respected food companies on the planet.

We want our brand to be known for passion, expertise, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. We get there by partnering with customers like you. If you can think it, we can create it. And there’s a good chance we already make it.

At Sauer Brands, Inc., we proudly offer our customers an exceptional line of branded mayonnaise, pourable salad dressings, condiments, sauces, spices, extracts and flavorings. Our brands have been delighting and exciting consumers for hundreds of years and come to the table with the loyalty, quality and consistency people expect. Our brands include: Duke’s, Sauer’s, Kernel Seasons, and The Spice Hunter.

Our Capabilities

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Condiments & Spices

Private Label

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Foodservice? Private Label?

Check and check.

We conceive and manufacture an extensive assortment of branded off-the-shelf solutions as well as private-label proprietary and custom formulas for leading foodservice distributors and restaurant concepts. Everything we create is backed by the integrity, exceptional customer service you expect from Sauer Brands Inc. combined with the hard work and talents of our dedicated associates and the guarantee of consistent manufacturing safety.

If you can think it, we can create it. And there’s a good chance we already make. So let’s do business. Let’s get the products and flavors you want in the stores, on the shelves, on hot dogs and burgers and let’s grow together. We are ready when you are.

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Core Values

To do what we do best, we live and operate by four core values.


Doing the right thing even when no one is looking


Thinking differently to solve problems


Constantly raising the bar


The sum is greater than the parts

Our Family of Brands

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