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We’re proud to supply inspired flavor enhancing products to our customers.

We work with leading nationwide retailers, foodservice operators, distributors, and wholesalers to deliver the value, exceptional quality and consistency they count on. Our brand-name products — including Duke’s, Kernel Season’s, The Spice Hunter, Sauer’s, Tasty Shakes, Gold Medal, and more – delight shoppers and consumers again and again. In addition to our branded line-up, we manufacture an extensive assortment of private-label proprietary and custom formulas. We are one of the largest private label salad product manufacturers, and we supply customers domestically and internationally and can meet your needs for new product offerings or specific size requests.

Integrity, Creativity, Executional Excellence and Teamwork are our core values, and you can expect us to deliver that to you.

Let’s do business!


Culinary Services

Our research & development teams bring decades of experience to the table and are skilled at anticipating, reacting to, and exceeding consumer expectations. We have a culinary staff of food lovers who are your go-to resource for the following products/product features:

  • Proprietary formulas – customized specifications
  • Professional chef sauces and gravies
  • Delicious BBQ sauces, hot sauces and wing sauces
  • Custom packaging capabilities
  • Gluten-free
  • Low sodium
  • Fat free / low fat
  • No MSG

Private Label

Of course we do that too!

More and more retailers partner with us to develop and produce their new product offerings or specific size requests — especially when the need is time-sensitive. In most cases, we can switch quickly and have products rolling off the line in no time at all. We produce private label everyday spices, extracts, dollar spices, dry mixes (gravies, seasonings, sauces), gourmet spices (all-natural, organic, salt-free), and specialty/seasonal mixes (mulling spices, hot buttered rum, etc.) as well as salad and mayonnaise products.

We are committed to providing customers with products of exceptional quality and consistently receive high customer service ratings with customers.

sauces in jars

Brands You Know and Love

Brands that satisfy your customers.

dukes mayonnaise


Duke’s Mayonnaise was created in 1917 in Greenville, SC by entrepreneur Eugenia Duke, who began serving sandwiches slathered with her homemade mayonnaise to soldiers-in-training during WWI. Over 100 years later, Duke’s has achieved iconic status as a brand known for a one-of-a-kind taste, independent spirit, and loyal fan base. In addition to the flagship mayonnaise, which is still made according to Eugenia’s original recipe, Duke’s offers light, olive oil, and flavored mayonnaises, tartar sauce, sandwich relish and regionally inspired Duke’s Southern Sauces and dressings.

kernel seasons

Kernel Season’s

America’s #1 Popcorn Seasoning creates products that invoke joyful, fun connections by transforming any moment into a celebration with family and friends. We seek to ‘Make Every Moment Pop’ by enthusing and delighting our consumers with variety of inspired popcorn flavors and toppers.

spice hunter

The Spice Hunter

The Spice Hunter offers the highest quality of gourmet spices, with unique blends and the largest selection of salt-free seasonings drawing inspiration from local and global food trends. We aim to transport home cooks to new cultures, by bringing our journey to them through mouthwatering imagery and a plethora of recipe inspirations guiding them to create their most brilliant meals.



A timeless classic, the Sauer’s brand offers an expansive line of mayonnaise, pourable salad dressings, condiments, sauces, spices, extracts and flavorings. With an exceptional commitment to quality since 1887, the Sauer’s brand empowers chefs to create inspired dishes with the trust that comes from knowing that Sauer’s is built on 130+ years of flavor expertise, innovation, and a commitment to value.

Top Suppliers

We work with the best food flavoring suppliers.

We are an all-American spice and condiment maker. We also take great pride in working with a deep bench of the world’s top flavor suppliers who go above and beyond to deliver the consistency, quality, service, and reliability our customers expect. Interested in joining our supplier roster? Click below for more.

basket of vegetables

Core Values

To do what we do best, we live and operate by four core values.


We treat others the way we would like to be treated, being mindful of other people’s thoughts and ideas, even if they are different. We create a respectful, safe, and open environment with honest and direct communication. We hold ourselves accountable to a high standard of moral, ethical and professional conduct internally and externally.


We are engaged in a never ending search for ways to improve, to innovate and evolve, to defy convention in the pursuit of excellence. We embrace change as a way of life, and a necessary ingredient for unleashing our creativity and helping us reach our full potential.


We have a relentless and organization-wide focus on executional excellence, driven by individuals at all levels of the organization who are passionate about doing the right things to achieve success as a team.


We hire great teammates that share our passion and goals. Through communication, collaboration and trust, we engage our teammates in a network of inspired and highly effective teams that solve problems and accomplish great things together.

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